The following is a list of COVID-19 testing locations near St. Anne’s Retirement Community. If you need to have testing done in order to visit a loved one and are having difficulty navigating the online sign ups, please consult your physician.

  • CVS Drugstore is offering FREE COVID testing.  You must go on  and schedule an appointment and search locations offering testing.
  • Rite Aid on 825A East Chestnut Street in Lancaster is offering FREE COVID testing at NO COST TO YOU.  You must go to and schedule an appointment.
  • Patient FirstLancaster is by appointment only.  Visit They will charge your insurance.  If your insurance doesn’t cover the testing, Patient First charges $90 for test and Quest Diagnostics charges $40.
  • Med Express Urgent CareLancaster is located at 4 Rohrerstown Road in Lancaster and will charge your health insurance for COVID testing.  If your insurance doesn’t cover the test, the cost is $240. No appointment necessary.
  • WellsSpan Urgent Care is located at 101 Airport Road in Lititz and will do FREE COVID testing if you have symptoms. Go through your Primary Care Physician to schedule an appointment. 
  • Walgreens is not offering any COVID testing at the present time.