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Picture Yourself Working at St. Anne’s

Employment Opportunities

We're looking for more great caring people to join our staff.

We’re nearby. St. Anne’s is located in the scenic countryside of West Hempfield Township, just west of Lancaster. And we are on the bus route.

We care about our employees. Take a minute to read through our Employee Appreciation activities listed below for a sampling of just how special we know our staff is here at St. Anne’s!

We offer a comprehensive benefit package to our employees. (health, dental and vision programs).

What makes St. Anne’s Retirement Community different from other CCRCs? Not only are we a Continuing Care Retirement Community, but we are also a Catholic-Centered Retirement Community. We are mission-driven.

Employee Appreciation Activities

  • It’s your birthday! Enjoy our gift and card celebrating you!
  • Employee Banquet recognizing years of service with a monetary award, pin, t-shirt, name on wall.
  • Staff meetings with complimentary meal
  • Outstanding customer service monetary awards
  • How can I Help? program – monthly gift cards and tee shirt
  • At your retirement, we present you with a monetary award.
  • Throughout the year, we host parties for staff and their families such as the Annual Trick or Treat Night and Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Each summer, we have our Employee Beach Party on the lawn at St. Anne’s complete with great food and activities.

Here’s What Our Employees Have to Say:

“I have returned to work at St. Anne’s because I missed the staff and residents. It is like home. We are like family.”
~Carol, CNA

“Lucky for me, my position hadn’t been filled yet. I was fortunate enough to have two great bosses who were happy to accept me back. I did, also, miss the Residents that I had established a bond with and some of my great co-workers.”
~Lori, Transportation

“I was offered another job at a different facility but decided to stay here at St. Anne’s because I love how they treat us. St. Anne’s provides flexibility, loyalty, respect, dignity and the love to our residents.”
~Jennifer, CNA

“I decided to return to work at St. Anne’s because of several reasons. It is a very friendly and clean environment, I had made close friends that still work there, the benefits are good and there is truly an open door policy with management.”
~ Karen, LPN

“I decided to come back to St. Anne’s because it’s like a second family to me. Also, the flexibility of scheduling has helped me out a lot.”
~ Amy, CNA

“I decided to return to work at St. Anne’s because of the friends that I had made there. It is close to my home and they were flexible with the schedule for me.”
~ Jessalynn, Scheduler/CNA

“I came back to St. Anne’s because of the camaraderie amongst the employees. St. Anne’s has always been an extension of my family.”
~ Monica, RN