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Sponsor a Day of Stay

365 Days to Sponsor a Stay

Each year, Residents exhaust their funds, but we never exhaust their care. Our Day of Stay program was created to benefit these Residents, usually in our Skilled Nursing, who have depleted their funds:

  • The donations we receive supplement the cost of care beyond the governmental assistance
  • Last year, St. Anne’s Retirement Community spent more than $2,000,000 on Resident care
  • This fiscal year, our goal is to raise $150,000 for the Day of Stay benefitting our Residents in need

With sponsorships starting at $100, you can help supplement one (or more) Day of Stay.

One Day of Stay
Work Week (5 days)
Week Long (7 days)
15 Days
Month Long (31 days)


Just select a date(s) with special meaning to you… and we take care of the rest!

How to Pick Your Day 

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Option #1

  • Contact our Giving & Marketing Office at 717-285-6539.
  • Select a date(s) with special meaning to you.
    Multiple donations can be made for the same day.
  • Make a $100 donation for each Day of Stay you wish to sponsor.
  • We’ll place a heart on the calendar in our lobby to represent your donation(s).

Option #2

Why is the Day of Stay initiative important?

When a current Resident’s funds have been exhausted, St. Anne’s covers the costs of care beyond the amount provided by governmental assistance. It is confidential and happens throughout the year, but Residents experience no difference in the high-quality services provided, nor are they made aware of the amount that is being covered by St. Anne’s to supplement their care and expenses.

365 Days to Sponsor. So many Residents to benefit from your generosity.

What dates will you choose?