Rehabilitation & Therapy

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Our experienced, full-time in-house therapy team offers on-site solutions for your Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy needs. Residents benefit from In-House Therapy because it promotes a united rehabilitation program with all diciplines being included in the Resident's care team.

Experienced therapists are dedicated to restoring function for those who have experienced a health setback due to illness or surgical procedures. Our Nursing and Rehabilitation departments work very closely together to deliver quality Resident Care.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy focuses on improving lower extremity ROM, strength, and endurance while incorporating an individualized exercise program. In addition to this exercise program, static and dynamic balance activities are utilized to reduce falls, enhance participation and safety with functional and recreational activities. PT may also utilize orthoses to enhance ROM, safety, and balance during a Resident’s daily routine. Our rehab department is also capable of post-amputation rehabilitation with prosthetic education and training.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on activities of daily living, strengthening, functional mobility, balance training, home management, and safety to promote independence with each individual’s daily routine. Residents are assessed for the need for adaptive equipment and possible modifications of his/her environment to live as independently as possible.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy focuses on speech clarity, vocal quality, receptive and expressive language skills, and on cognitive skills, such as attention, short-term memory, safety awareness and thought organization. Our therapists also treat Residents having difficulty with chewing, swallowing, or coughing with foods, liquids or pills.

Restorative Nursing Services

Our Restorative Nursing Program works closely with our Licensed Therapy Staff to establish an appropriate individualized program to help our Residents achieve and maintain their highest level of independence and physical function. Once a Resident has met his/her goals in skilled rehab or reach a plateau with improvement, a Licensed Therapist will discontinue skilled rehabilitative services and initiate a restorative program.

Restorative Nursing Level 2

Restorative nursing level 2 is for a Resident who requires continuation of rehabilitation measures as recommended by skilled therapy.

Restorative Nursing Level 3

Level 3 care includes maintenance restorative nursing provided by direct caregiver.

Restorative Nursing Services are performed per requirements of the program, for those who require such service. Such programs include:

  • Activities of Daily Living – bathing, dressing and grooming skills
  • Dining Program – ability for hand to mouth self-feed and swallowing/chewing
  • Ambulation/Transfers – gain skill in ambulation (walking) and transfers
  • Range of Motion – such as active and passive
  • Contracture Care – splint and brace care
  • Incontinence Management – urinary program
  • Communication – communication board, alternative communication devices
  • Prostheses Care – application of prosthesis