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Skilled Care

Top-Quality Care in the Lancaster and York Region

5 Star Rating

St. Anne’s Skilled Nursing Center is recognized for excellence in quality care and is known for caring for each resident’s health, comfort, and spiritual well-being. The Skilled Nursing Center features private and semi-private rooms and a friendly, knowledgeable staff that provides round-the-clock, individualized care.

The Skilled Nursing Center is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health – who certifies all nursing homes in Lancaster, PA – and is certified for Medicare and Medicaid. St. Anne’s has received numerous 5-star annual ratings, and also received the inaugural “Excellence in Quality Care” award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Questions About Skilled Care?

When considering nursing care, Residents and family members often have many questions. Here is a guide, created by our Skilled Care Team, to help ease the transition into our Skilled Care environment. 

Daily rate includes the following services and amenities:

  • Room
  • Wheelchairs/walkers
  • Housekeeping services
  • Social services
  • Nursing services
  • Basic toiletries
  • Linen service/Laundry
  • Meals (including special diets
  • Standard cable service
  • Local telephone service
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pastoral Care and Religious Services
  • Therapy Services: Physical, Occupational and Speech
  • Restorative Nursing Programs – to maintain progress after completion of therapy
  • Activities*
    *Occasionally, activities that are planned outside of the facility may be charged in addition to the published room rate.

Skilled Nursing Care Capabilities

Primary Care Clinician Services

At least one physician, NP or PA in the facility three or more days per week: YES

Nursing Services

Frequent vital signs:  YES
Daily weights:  YES
Strict intake and output (I&O) monitoring:  YES
Accuchecks for glucose at least every shift:  YES
O2 saturation: YES
Nebulizer treatments: YES
Incentive spirometry: YES

Diagnostic Testing

Stat lab test with turnaround of less than 8 hours: YES
Stat X-rays with a turnaround of less than 8 hours:  YES
Bladder Ultrasound:  YES
Venous Doppler:  YES
Cardiac Echo:  YES
Swallow Study:  YES


Psychiatry:  YES
Cardiology:  YES
Pulmonary:  YES
Wound Care:  YES
Orthopedics:  YES
Eye/Dental Services:  YES

Social and Psychology Services

Licensed Social Worker:  YES
Psychological Evaluation and Counseling by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist:  YES

Therapies on Site

Occupational:  YES
Physical:  YES
Respiratory:  YES
Speech:  YES


IV fluids (initiation and maintenance): YES
IV Antibiotics: YES
IV Meds – other (e.g. Furosemide): YES
PICC insertion: NO
PICC management: YES
Isolation (MRSA, VRE, etc.): YES
Surgical drain management: YES
Total Parenteral Nutrition: NO
Tracheostomy management: NO
Analgesic pumps: YES
Dialysis: YES
Basic Life Support – BLS CSP: YES
Automatic Defibrillator: YES

Pharmacy Services

Cubex with common medications for acute conditions available:  YES
New medications filled within 8 hours:  YES

Other Specialized Services

Hospice service:  YES

Floor Plans

Semi-Private Room

Floor plane

Private Room