Please use the list below to contact the following departments at St. Anne’s Retirement Community. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, DIAL 9-1-1 and then Main Reception 1400.

Accounts Receivable Coordinator/Business Office
Kerri Farey, 717-285-6120

Activity Director
Hope Long, 717-285-6193

Admissions (Skilled & Personal Care)
Logynn Fuller, Notary, 717-285-1404

Assistant Director of Nursing-Skilled
Kathy Pobursky, 717-622-1842

Café Carmela- Main Building
Mary Stone, 717-285-2020

James Snyder, 717-285-6114

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Michele Bard (Notary Public), 717-285-1412

Clinical Nutrition Manager/Registered Dietician
Michelle Doleniak, 717-285-6194

Clinical Services Vice President/Skilled Administrator
Lisa Hollywood, 717-285-1401

Clip N’ Curl Hair Salon-Main Building

Community Services Vice President
Heather Hoyt, 717-285-6117

Dining Services Coordinator
Leela Hall, 717-285-6194

Dining Services Director
Gus Wojcik, 717-285-1402

Director of Nursing – Skilled
Monica Marcelo, 717-285-1410

Environmental Services Director (Maintenance/Security/Housekeeping/Grounds)
Aron Hoyt, 717-285-6199

Environmental Services Vice President (Maintenance/Security/Housekeeping/Grounds)
Bobby Jo Casseday, 717-285-6199

Giving & Marketing/Admissions Director
Mary Jo Diffendall, 717-285-6539

Human Resources Director
Terri Turner, 717-285-6106

Independent Living Activities Coordinator
Olivia Sallavanti, 717-285-6191

Independent Living Nurse Coordinator
Barb Slaymaker, 717-522-8607

Independent/Personal Care/Skilled Social Services Coordinators
Amber Hogan, Supervisor, 717-285-6122
Jocelyn Cressman, 717-285-6123
Kristen Riker, 717-285-6198

Infection Preventionist
Jess Geiger, 717-285-6537

Information Technology (IT) Coordinator
Lester Putt, 717-285-6119

Making Waves Hair Salon – Main Building

Maintenance/Security After Hours

Main Building Receptionist

Memory Support Coordinator
Jennifer Leonard, ADC, 717-715-3769

Pastoral Care Director
Ken Giovanelli, 717-285-6121

Personal Care Administrator
Ashley Creek, 717-285-6190

Personal Care Assistant Administrator
Stephanie Roush, 717-285-6110

Personal Care/Skilled Activities Coordinator
Diane Kane, 717-285-6102

Personal Care Memory Support/Skilled Memory Support Activities Coordinator
Jennifer Leonard, 717-285-6102

President of St. Anne’s Retirement Community
Mary Turnbaugh, 717-285-1411

Fr. Norm Hohenwater, 717-669-1411

Rehabilitation Director
Brandi Gambler, 717-285-6124

Sales Coordinator
Laurie Stoner, 717-285-6112

Transportation Scheduling Secretary

Village Apartment Receptionist

Village Bistro
Jamie Linger, 717-285-8601

Village Hair Salon